Indulging together

Uncomplicated and yet refined: this is how you read — and cook — the 52 tart recipes by chefs Norbert Krüger and Risa Nagahama. The creations in this book are exclusively made for this book — and they are more than delicious. Their goal was to create a royal rusticity: sweet and salty, humorous and serious, but never boring. Moreover the duo pays special attention to fresh and seasonal products — from fruity to spicy, from spring to winter, always enjoyable for family and friends.

Authors: Norbert Krüger, Risa Nagahama
Photographer: Joerg Lehmann
Release date: October 2020
Features: 208 pages, 210 × 265 mm
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-948859-01-5
Price: 36,– EUR

Tartes – Green
Tartes – Karottenougat Tarte
Tartes – Nektarinenkorb
Tartes – Fencheltarte
Tartes – Shells
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